Monday, June 17

Saturday, May 4

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Tuesday, April 16

Quick update

I am now an HO at Hospital Seri Manjung. Okay, i dont want to talk about it.

So at first i was in the moon when finally me and MJ live in the same district. But now he's gone to France. Left me his sense everywhere in Manjung. I am soooo not happy!

Days are gloomy, Manjung became Manjung! Everything is boring, nothing to explore. I am in doom!

Tuesday, December 11

Ayuni, the engagement.

My dearest beautiful girlfriend ayuni moved on another stage of life as she got engaged and will be married in a year. Dang! Reality hit us on the face, we've grown into a woman now, the question is who's next? Hahaha.
And as far as I remember, she's the one who had an ex, when all of us don't even have any clue on the thing they called love between a man and a woman.

Dearest ayuni, I'm so happy for you, and sad because we have grown this mature, no more chasing hot guys at the mall eh? Haha.
Love, always have always will.

Ps: I remembered when my girls and I promised each other not to have boyfriends till senior years of high school. Its crazy but I admit, that was the time where I treasure you girls (diana, nena, ifa, ayuni, alia) and our friendship the most. Will always miss that, like for-EVER!

Pps: on the other hand, my relationship is going ups and mostly downs lately. Du'a, du'a and du'a, that's all in my mind right now...

Me : banyak benda b dah share dengan kamu. Kalau x jadi kawin kan ke malu hahaha. (By benda I mean secrets)

Him : kawin with me then. (With his serious tone)

Me : hahaha (Gelak cover)

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Friday, December 7

It is not easy..

..falling in love, as I always thought. I'm not that kind of person who easily fall for someone.
Susah kot nak semai kasih sayang kat orang ni ape tah lagi strangers. Kalau tiap-tiap bulan ganti boyfriend, mcm mana tu? Cinta ke??
Jadi perempuan ni tak payah la nak tukar2 pasangan macam tukar baju. Usaha dulu untuk kekalkan relatioship tu. Selalu sangat tukar, nanti nampak macam murah pulak, don't be girls :)

Ps: how can I know if a guy really in love with me?

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Tuesday, November 27

Me and my long distance relationship.

It was 1st April 2007 when we started dating, then on july I'm off to Jakarta to pursue my degree. Back then, we dated less than 10 times/yr.
And now I'm back for good, he's leaving on January, then will come home on april and going again on may/june until god knows. But this time with 6 hours time difference, its gonna be tough! Muscle up sikin!! Oh yeah!

Well, congratulations dear love. I'll be waiting for u even if it takes forever.

Ps: He took a quick shower at midnight just to accompany me study. How can I not love him?

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Friday, November 2

Little update, xx.

I don't have much to share.

Little update, umm I am completing my driving classes for the JPJ's exam next week. Got my temporary license to practice from Malaysian Medical Council, Alhamdulillah. Now waiting for the SPA to call me and set up an interview. Hopefully I'll start working on January 2013, and same goes to MJ, I hope he got selected for the LCS team and being sent away to design a ship too. Ameen.

I really miss my girlfriends. Sob sob. This song dedicated  to wherever you are girls.  (Nurul Dianah, Nur Hanina, Iiffa Nabilah, Nurayuni, Nor Hasanah, Noranati, Zazarida, Hakimah Dharwisyah)