Saturday, February 25

Everyone is every one of us.

All I want right now is watching this film with my future husband.

We Are - Joy Williams

This is your first step
Is caught in your eyes
Heart beats
To the rhythm of the city streets
Can you feel it
Can you feel it

We are one
We are reaching out
We are one
Can't you hear the sound
We are now
And we're reaching for the sun
We are
we are
we are

This beautiful world
Moving in the same direction
It's happening
Every one connecting
Can you feel it
Can you feel it


Everyone is every one of us
Everyone is every one of us
Everyone is every one of us


Saturday, February 4

Pre farewell.

I'm leaving in july (doakan lah!). So grad date pon dah dapat. Mj takmau dtg. Takpa2. Mama ayah dtg yahoooooo!!! Hihihi. I'm sad but happy in the same time. Yolahhh. 5tahun okey, I'll get dosa when I said I won't miss school/jakarta at all. And my friends/juniors here. Gonna miss my company! And youuuuuuuu, we're gonna have a nice farewell again okey dear Dyana N!

Going to miss youuuuuuuu :'(

Ps, I'll always remember D'cost ikan gurame masak special (berdiri)! Hihihi

Friday, February 3

Ikan dan Labor Room

Patient: mules dok.
Me: ibu baring yuk.
Patient: ini lg mules dok.
Me: ya, pelan2 baring yuk.
Patient: lagi mules gak bisa apa-apa dok. dokter belum pernah melahirkan ya?
Me: ..................

225am, labor room RS Fatmawati.
Zzzzzz.. All I can think now is my bed and Muhd Ikan!