Monday, June 28

Am I exaggerating things or it is just a small matter?

Maybe I'm working berjalan too hard
Now rasa nak pengsan for the whole week, and wake up on July 16th then go home.
Please be good to me dear body.
I got one assignment to be finished up tonight, and now its 0018WIB
And I'm a little upset of something something tonight.
Like reaaaalllyyy UPSET :(
Mama, I wanna be home, with you beside me
You, please makes me feel better.

Ps, Diana I miss you and our talks on the phone :(
Nena and ayu toooo :(

Saturday, June 26

Little updates, before I'm gone.

So hye hello,
I am supposed doing my report now, takpe demi u all I sanggup alasan malas nak buat report. okay fine, where should I start? (sebabkan banyak sangat nak membebel, I'll put all in bullet list. Senang sikit kan. Karang aku merapu panjang2 report atas katil lah jawabnya).
  • Last month, mak anah datang. So we went to Bandung, Kawah Putih. Some sort of balance dari kawah gunung berapi or something I dont know. Sampai2 je I was like, Subhanallah cantik sungguh, tapi one thing the kawah contains high concentration of sulfur so bila u guys inhale deeply macam boleh sesak nafas.  (I lah paling parah sekali, maybe im allergic to sulfur, kot?)
  • And have i told you kimah gone to Melbourne U already? Oh yes, she did :( at this time, mesti kau tengah tidur kimah. We missed you!
  • Sebagai ganti kimah, ada one kakak suddenly came out of nowhere, eh tipu je. she came from Monash U buat attachment at UI for 6weeks. So world, meet kak azi, our new housemate for 6 weeks, shes nice. Welcome kakak!
  • Went to Kami Anak Malaysia Gala Dinner by Kelab Umno Jakarta, got 300K, thanks Dato hehe. 
  • So, since kak azi tak pernah datang Jakarta, our firt stop is Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Kitorg sewa bicycle and tour all around Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, an introduction to Indonesian culture and heritage la konon kan. hehe
  • Nothing much happened, tapi i berjalan quite gila jugak lah. Last week I went to Ancol to be exact Seaworld and Gelanggang Samudera (the dolphins especially cute gila). U guys if datang Jakarta let me know, I bawak pergi sana okay!! Funnn!!
  • Now I am a bit busy, i got OSCE (skill exam) this coming 6th and 7th of July). Then on the 15th got exam for community medicine module. (glad that i passed all the modules before, Alhamdulillah my mission complete this year). So these are the plans I wanna do after my OSCE! (since only one weekend left before m going home on the 16th, I'll go finish the unfinished thing)
    • Saturday- Salon day, gonna get new haircut, but duno which will do for me. (Suggestion anyone?), then shopping!
    • Sunday- Go shopping!
    • Monday-Wednesday-study for exam on the 15th
    • Thursday- PACKING
    • Friday- Homecoming queen, HOME!
Moments yang I sempat capture, (semua gambar adalah menurut peristiwa dan waktu, hah bahasa melayu I hancur sejak duduk Indo nih, ampun ye tuan tuan pompuan)

Ps, incase kamu taktahu, Uni of Indonesia ada buat double degree program, so everyone ada chance pergi Melbourne U/Newcastle U/Monash U pegi buat research program untuk dapat kan science honored (so our study akan tambah another year for this double degree), Kim in diff program, which the double degree is compulsory, not optional like us (me and other housemates).
PPs, Im going to take out my braces soon, sedih :(
PPPs, wish me luck in OSCE ppl, moga tak dapat station yang susah2 (esp pharmacy and ECG reading) aminn.