Sunday, March 22

bye bye Pak Warden.sobs ;(

*the lovely couple*

SO SADDDDD T_T~finally (pak warden) encik elias n his wife (mak warden/so called ibu) are going to leave us. T_T *but ur farewell party was quite boring acually, hehe*

RECAP.. (mcm sinetron plak, DUH!)

27 aug 2007
the first time i stepped on this island (yang takbest nihh*sigh*). Me n anah, we was welcomed by Pak warden to Wisma Malaysia. that time wisma was like sangat panas n sangat old ok! lucky u guys (i mean our coming junior) because now the renovating was like 60% more to finish. that must be damn great. but without pak warden n ibu, the new wisma will be very gloomy. i know, i just know ok! huh. T_T. that first night there, for the first time we (me n Anah) ate ibu's coking n to be honest i dont really like it. (the rice tasted like the-non-glucose-rice for ppl with diabetes mellitus~ yikes) hehe I'm, just being honest okay pak warden. Oh! please dnt keep this in ur heart. i do love u though~

the very next day..Pak warden Pak osman (another officer in embassy) they brought us to Depok (this is where the UI newbies should report themselves). there, pak warden belanja makan hehehe. my first dish in Indoesia wasnt that bad at all. okay laa~ later that evening, kak wani n kak dayah came n brought us to their kontrakan. there we had fun though even have to be some sort of paracyte for a month..haa lame kan? kan??

memories..but its not only that memories that we had together with this great officer. evrytime we were at the embassy one thing that a must was-visiting the couple (pak warden n ibu). then ibu will serve us great foods n we were alowed to watch malaysian channel on their tv yippie~ baik kan? kan? almost evrytime we need help th coupe will help us wit no doubt. then what about now?? u are leaving. TAK bestnyeeeeeeeeeee!!!

*me hugging ibu.sobsob*

tp takpe laa. memory remains, a great officer like u n ur great wife will always be in our heart *emotional la plak wowoo*

Highlight of this post: Pak Warden & other officers farewell party
after all, im having fun, yes i do, i do! hahaha the starting was damnn boring. biasela kan starts with ucapan n bla bla bla. cliche~ im having fun because of thesee~:
  1. camwhoring dari awal till its finished
  2. dpt hug mak warden n say goodbye for the last time
  3. finally i wore my new slendang hahaha
  4. we play play play n play

BESTTTT~ n here are some pics of me n the other UIs in action. ehehe

*being bullied by kak Nisa~mentang2 paling pendek*

* pose before we're going home*

*playing with my sony baby n photoshop*

Monday, March 16

O for Oncology

intro: my new stetho. cute tak?

Last sunday when i was getting bored study then i thought about my future. i mean..
what kind of a doctor i will be? do patients love me? will i save ppl lives without grumbling anything. omg~ HOW WILL IT BE??
then at that time kan my schoolmates (here in UI ofcourse) macam kecoh-kecoh facebooking their results on a Medical Specialty Aptitude Test.
then i did it too
*but me tak kecoh ok*
hahahaha. so this is the result

Med Oncology
*belajar about tumors*
radiation oncology
aerospace med
& many more ogy-ending specialist to be list here

*med school pun tak habis lagi jangan nak berangan la ckenn~*"to be or not to be "
*this is me doing household chores.wakakaka*
for med student:
try it yourself at this site


*as sweet as sugar*

♥Thanks fo being there ♥

*my reason of living*

♥my family♥

*cinta hati*Mat Jul my ♥

*the sweetest cousin ever*Intan & me

*The BFFs*Deanna♥Ayu♥Nena

*the UIs*Kim.Anah.Ati (Zaza MIA)

without all of u

i wont be this happy

& i wont be me

*special thanks*

Sunday, March 15

Mat Jul n the cardio result

its been so long time since i wrote the previous post.
yaa ive been so damn !@#$%&*^%%$ busy ohh~
yes! yes!
thanks for the cardiovascular modul which have made me enjoying my hols as the gloomiest ones among all.
BUT.. the best part in this end-of-modul hols is my sayang dah ade internet excess
hehe that makes me feeling like floating in the air. my credits always finish unexpectedly & sometimes dah midnight baru noticed that credits habes already. now nothing to worry. if no credits then inernet excess kan ade ;D
so now were like online 24-7 & non-stop webcaming each other. even nak tdo pun on webcam XD
*big grinnn*

this is our pet sleeping together in Pet Society

*How sweet ♥*

sambung about my cardio result

memang teruk abes dis result. just thought of having a none-repeatable exams year but unfortunately there goes the dreams n hopes for my 2nd year of being med student.

sabar aje la kann