Thursday, May 13

I love may. I love you.

Kenapa? Kenapa?
On 1st May hari tu birthday anak orang asli yang paling comel dalam dunia. U are now a grown up man baby. Bila nak matured ni? hehe. 

So, i did a small surprised birthday party last saturday via webcam nak celebrate si mat jul. That evening i asked ati teman me pegi atrium senen, beli small slices of cake. The night before, i buat kerja group discussion. I plan nak surprised on 12am Malaysian time, tapi i tertido, I dah suruh MJ gerak at 1030 tapi dia tak gerak. At 1130 i awake, i call him marah, why ddnt he gerak me. Then he said, nak gerak me on 12am Malaysian time so that Ill be the one with him at his moment. Okay fine, i tido la balik hehe, am not a good gf, i know. Then dia kejut i bangun mandi, i set up the lappy and webcam. Anah derma balloon, then asked semua housemate (kim, ati, anah, zaza was too tired to bangun sorry ek zaa, tak sampai hati nak wake u up) semua duk keliling wc tu. 

At 12am WIB (indonesian time), i called MJ thru skype, and then PUFF! we sang him the birthday song. At first, dia nampak shocked, tapi muka shocked sama macam muka tengok bola Bowling i masuk longkang, can u imagine how excited he was? okay mj mmg tak banyak expression, tu yg i sayang tu hahaha.Dah laa, malas nak cerita panjang-panjang. Kalau nak tau what happened on MJ's side boleh baca sini.

Muka bufday boy, rasa nak tumbuk je. heh

Muka paling comel. Ni je yang i mampu hadiahkan you MJ.

Trying to fed him the birthday cake. Online weh online.

Tetamu yang datang memeriahkan majlis. Time kasih yaa

Oh, 9May lepas, Mother's day. You guys wish your mama tak? I wished mine, and yes i wished MJ's mak too. Kalau i dekat Malaysia, i would have bought cake/have dinner or lunch together/present for my mama. I will, when i get back near you mama. I heart youuuu forever :)

Ps, Besok cuti. Kenapa kenapa? Tak tahu tak tahu. hehehe

Till then 

Wednesday, May 5

The broken heart playlist.

I guess my heart hurts every night, lets say if i had Tuberculosis, by now, i would have suffered from anemia. I mean, chronic disease will lead to anemia. Got my point? Take care of your health children :)

Tonight: Not myself tonight - Christina Aguilera
Unspoken thoughts in my head: Issues - The Saturday
I don't want me/you living like: Ghost of you - Good Charlotte
Or even us being : Yesterday - Leona Lewis.
I'm working on: Stickwitu - The Pussycat dolls
Because now: Your love is my drug - Ke$ha
So please don't: Ignorance - Paramore
I know I'm: Creep - Radiohead
I know I'm: Vulnerable - Vanessa Hudgens
But: True - Ryan Cabrera
I wish i could: I'll Go Wherever You Will Go - The calling
Because: I Miss you - Blink 182
I won't: Unfaithful - Rihanna
You please: Take My Heart - Soko
All i want for us: Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

I: Try Sleeping With Broken Heart - Alicia Keys, but i failed, I want you.

Well, I'm tired of Sweet Dreams - Beyonce Knowles

Till then,