Thursday, August 11

Global issue.

Let us say no to plastic bag :D
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I jumpa recipe ni dari internet, dan dah cuba buat last monday bila tengok my fren nane kecoh dekat twitter nak buat cake batik tetiba I rase teringin. So I browse for the simplest one, supaya orang buta dapur like me pun boleh prepare kan hehe. Oh saja nak post kat sini since I save kat dalam handphone je, takut nanti format hilang semua #loser. Hahaha. Here we go!

Bahan-bahan :

1) 1 buttercup – RM4++

2) 1 paket kecik milo – RM 4.60

3) 1 tin susu cair Carnation  - RM2.60

4) 2 sudu besar serbuk koko – free dari dapur

5) 2 sudu besar gula – free dari dapur

5) 350g Biskut Marie– RM3.60

Cara membuatnya :

1) Masukkan sume bahan ke dalam periuk dengan api perlahan kecuali biskut Marie.

2) Kacau sume tadi hingga pekat.

3) Tutup api. Masukkan biskut Marie dan kacau hingga sebati.

4) Masukkan ke dalam loyang atau tupperware dan mampatkan.

5) Masukkan dalam peti sejuk

Dari owner said sejuk lagi best makan, but for me kalau tak sejuk lagi sedap, lagi lembut and creamy hahaha.

So this is my cake batik :)

Ps: why lah nama cake batik? Tak batik sangat pon? Umm. Cake biskut marie je dah comel what? Hehe :D
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Tuesday, August 9

Fruitful holiday fatness.

So last Sunday me and mj went break fasting at AK Nasi Kandar. AK has been my favourite since it was there, almost 6++years I guess. We had nasi beriyani with mutton and chicken, 2 big prawns and apam manis for the dessert. Yes! We ate a lot, not to mention this is mj's second trip there, and he kept saying "marvellous" as I asked for critics. All of the food costs us Rm35.60, but really kenyang weh, seriously!

Other than nasi beriyani, their roti puri is very delicious, worth trying and affordable for students like me hihi. For those haven't heard of AK Nasi Kandar, a typical 'kedai mamak'  was located at Maxwell (road I think), Ipoh, beside the UniKLRCMP 24 hours clinic.

Since mj is going back to lumut that night so we went to strawberry moments at de garden, ipoh in between kinta city and ipoh garden plaza for takeaway strawberry desserts. The dessert cafe was pink, strawberry cute and very cozy, the workers were very nice to us. Mj said the place was like one of those cafe in Japanese-comics, where the cartoon characters lepak. So the desserts are mostly strawberry-based but they have other berries flavoured other than typical cheese cakes, chocolates and mocha flavoured cupcakes, have it all, u will come out from the cafe ur face-body-heart will be in strawberry-shape. He he.

Desserts especially the blueberry cupcake tastes was everage, too sweet with island of icing but the strawberry strudel so sedap, me very like it! Yay! Happy! Hehe but.. I think it is quite expensive. I bought 2 cupcakes, a strawberry tart, and strudel for rm16.40 after I got 20% discount for my strudel. They had this package of meals, where u can have a strawberry strudel+strawberry tea for rm11.90, or a cupcake+strawberry ice blended for rm9.90 and many more else. And u can have 3 pieces from any cupcakes and (strawberry) tarts selection for RM10. Print the voucher below as many as u want and enjoy the discounts. Hehe

As mj said to me: "jom lepak strawberry moments lagi nanti" hehehe. It is a good place for lepak, for next visit I will definitely taste the strawberry tea and their strawberry milkshake!


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Farish Hakim.

I wanna have supercute little me-mj in 3 years time, pray for that, amin. Well I only have like 11 years left until my reproductive age end. Ehem. Enough said.
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