Thursday, April 30

Surat buat Abang Mat

Kehadapan Abang Mat Jul yang dirindui selalu,

Tujuan adinda menulis surat ini adalah untuk bertanyakan khabar kekanda di sana. Sudahkah kekanda makan? Adinda cuma makan pisang goreng sdan pukis sahaja malam ini. Adinda belum mandi malam lagi. Malam ini panas rasanya, tetapi adinda malas mahu mandi. Terharu hati adinda kerana kekanda sanggup bergelap semata-mata hanya kerana ingin berskype dengan adinda. Buat pengetahuan kekanda, Ashrin sudahpun terpilih menjadi pelapis gimastik Perak. Adinda sangat gembira mendapat khabar itu.

Kekanda pasti sedang belajarkan? Semoga berjaya dalam ujian yang bakal diduduki tidak lama lagi. Adinda sentiasa mendoakan kejayaan kekanda. Adinda sangat berbesar hati kerana dapat menemani kekanda belajar setiap malam walaupun adinda sudah tahu kelaknya kekanda bakal tertidur sendiri. Semoga usaha kekanda berhasil. Adinda sangat merindui kekanda.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Yang benar,

Nur Ashikin Binti Ahmad Razali


Q1: How much do your friend means to you?
so much. i cudnt tell. the always be with me when am at the lowest point of my life. once i got a so-called bestfriend who suddenly become a backstabber. i cried everytime i thought about losing that friendship. (what happend? ill tell u in my next post!-tak janji tau hehe) OK! lets forget about that girl who always prtend to be something but atlast turned out to be nothing! hey! congrats with ur changes. hope it stays! ok-ok dah melalut pulak. back to the topic. how much do they mean to me, yeppp! absolutely they are my everything. frankly speaking im not that close to my family (not really that close just that i dont really share stupid stories with my family). so there come the role of my SUPERSWEETGIRLFRIENDS! we share so much. the even pick me up at home hahaha (i dont have driving licensed-no big deal i got so many drivers!). thanks guys (esp-nane, ifa & deanna) i reallly appreciate ur kindness. there were times that i feel sucks being me but they always gave me good advices. esp when i caught into fights with MJ and they would be there for me ask me to thnk and rethink. its not just that they give me courage and always let me be my self. i love u girlfriends!!

Q2: Do bffs always share everything? (stories, gossips, shoppings, bla bla)
YESS! but no when it comes to love! perhaps our taste are really diffrent kan? kan? hehe. being far away from your bffs its really hard to get alway conncted to each other. so gossips will definitely make our day! hehehe. samegoe to shopping. we got taste of our own but my SUPERSWEET GIRLFRIENDS opinion is somthing that i cant reject! mine too haha (kan ayu kan?). seewha hapened to my nena? now dah vogue okay! hehe ido sharing bed wit them. when i was in uitm i lept with nena at nights and when i was in KMPP i slept with both nena and nane (wats the big deal?) bit never with lowed i guess. no offense. hehe with diana?so mny time at my house and at hers. we always share eveything! even or boyfiend' share the same name. HERS: ZUKHAIRI, MINE :ZULKHAIRI♥. Oh! how i love this coincident!

Q3: Are they worth it?
SUPERSWEET GIRLFRIENDS? yesss!!!why? they will always be there when im down.
so-called-friends? sometimes yess and sometimes no! why?i dont know. they can be really caring but there are times that i feel neglected. the an be realy interesting and can always be annoying. Ok! now u choose!

Q4: Do you got what u looking for in a friendship?
with my girls. i cudnt ask for more. they just too perfect! not only my girls. but i miss th good times with my KMPP friends-bunny, nad, acip, huda, aman H2P1+A1-4-3+PRD: U guys really rocks!! i miss the Bainunians too-5K, 1-3B, we really had fun dnt we?im enjoying every moments i had. i learn so many things-! being here, im not sure do friendship really developes. im not sure on how i feel. thanks MJ for being with me. u are the best dear!

Ps, those who i ddnt mention their names. i am sorry! i do love al my friends. i might be annoying but i am serious in every frendship involving me! i mean it.

congratulations Ashrin dear for being selected in the Perak junior gymnastic team!
i ♥ MJ,

Saturday, April 25


MY DAY...(i am too tired to type)
  • bangun pagi pergi buat exam
  • tak bleh jawab exam. so, balik call mama and rase nak menangis aje (conversation between me, mama and si kecik nyibuk)


me: tak bleh la ma gile la tak expect soklan die camtu T_T (dah sebak dah dis time)
mama: ala takpe kak.. awak dah buat dah kan. tawakal aje banyak-banyak.
me: ntah laa. rase macam repeat aje
mama: takpe lepas ni buat betul-betul. awak dah sekerat jalan dah ni. lagi separuh jalan aje lagi jangan give up kat tengah ja...

tibe-tibe ade suara dari background..

Ashrin: ahaa kakak jangan jalan kat tengah jalan nanti kne langgar kete. jalan kat tepi jalan tauu~
me: wth??? wakakakakakaka (hilang sebak aku)

Thanks ashrin sofia for making my day :)


  • tak sempat nak golek2 atas katil layan feelings, anah dah siap and me pun siap-siap pergi bandara (airport)
  • nak release tension. so makan banyakbanyak at Koufu Singapore Restaurant (sedap!!)
  • then anah check in-so, me went home..Opps singgah Artha Gading Mall dulu!
  • At Artha Gading ter-shopping and went for a movie (ini tujuan sebenar singgah mall ok)
  • ter-shopping and ter-dine in at Wild Wild Restaurant (gila cantik interior resto nih rase macam acting in george of the jungle haha)
  • the shopping will continue tomorrow~yippiee!

END of story..jom tidoo!

cool kan dis restaurant??

Ps, spaggheti in the bowl- supposed to be penang laksa. but it turn out to be more like spageti masak lemak hahaha! tapi the penang fried mee sangat delicious!! (click for larger images XP)
Ati- ur pic cantekk! pinjam! hahaha
Anah-nak DODOL! jangan lupa okayy? night everyone. xoxo


Monday, April 20

untuk mama saye

ini schedule exam saye for this week *in case mama baca my blog kan XP*

Monday: Lab Anatomy

Tuesday: Lab Histology, Microbiology, Pathology Anatomy

Wednesday: Microbiology Lab II *colouring contest wee*

Thursday: BCS class (Airway Obstruction)

Friday: Summative II-Respiration

mamaaa. saye nak exam ni. macam biase nak mintak restu lah kan hehe.doakan saye ek! exam this time, saye tak nak repeat paper kalau boleh*this year baru repeat sekali je ok*! sebab saye malas nak study twice. dah lame tak balik rumah ni. saye rindu mama ayah. july ni saye balik tau. dah tak sabar sangat dah ni. anah balik terengganu this friday. jealous gile! tp takpe memandang kan JPA dah masuk duit ,takdelah jealous sangat hehe*bleh shopping yippiee*. OH! saye rindu adik-adik jugak. jangan lupa suruh oni belajar rajin-rajin eh PMR tak lame lagi. ashrin tu jangan seronok sangat dengan gym sampai homework tak siap. nanti saye balik mama amik eh. kalau tak jadi pergi singapore mama amik kat airport ye macam tahun-tahun lepas. wah tak sabarnye. nak jumpe atuk, bet, mamanor, maklang, baby, intan, pakngah and sume-sume lah. rindu betul nak pergi pasar malam depan rumah atuk tu. okay la ma, saye nak study ni. banyak lagi nak kena cover. mama and ayah jangan lupe doa ek. mama and ayah jaga diri jugak tau. kurang kan sikit makan yang masin-masin. jangan lupe saye kat sini eh. doakan supaye saye jadi doctor yang baik ok? Bye!
Ps, must grab the handbag-dah aim sejak last month ni wootwoot
love u mama ♥

Tuesday, April 14

Oh miss plastic!

saye tahu anda cantik
saye tahu jugak anda glamour *puke people puke*
saye tahu genetic anda semua born gorgeous
tapi saye pon cantik jugak hahaha. OK saye tipu je kawan-kawan
ade saye kesahh??
yang awak kisah sangat dengan saye kenape??
jealous kah?
kite besaudare *eh ye ke*
ye kot. tapi awak freak.
cmon laa miss plastic!
tak payah nak pura-pura cantik manis macam angel ok
cakap pun nak tinggi-tinggi jugak
i dont know what is your intend but i dont give a damn of anything about you
i am so happy now
the truth is
im starting to hate u ok!
please think about my family feelings too
we help you once when u were at the lowest point of your life
is this the way you are saying thank you?
then now see what happen to us
i am upset for things that happened between u and me and our family
its not that i didnt try to make it out again
but u seems spreading bad stories about me
and making our families in trouble
i love my family and my big big family
its okay if u dont
but stop making crap infront of the people that i love
i dont care if u want to live in ur high class privelege life and whatever
but stop interrupting mine
i miss the old times
when i am with them
stay out of my way u plastic!!

Sunday, April 12

i think i had

i think i have MIGRAIN
the hell-headache really makes me sick
i cant do things right
i cant speak too much
i cant even hear any sounds
and my eyes get really sensitive to the lights
it hurts
med school really gave me everything
from people's sickness
to my own MIGRAIN
'lucky' me
got respiration-finals next week.
wish me luck
Ps, i was just awake from the hell-headache that have made me going home earlier then i should from the KUJ-Badminton tournament.
not happy though
i love u MJ

Friday, April 10

my night routine

regarding to the title of this post, there's stuff that must be completed before i say goodnight. so i taught why not just put it all in a list.

  1. give a text msg to MJ: saying that i am so ready to go to bed. (have cleared my things, packed my stuffs-pencil case, notes, lab coat, etc etc). so, tell him to clear up his things and get ready to have a rest!
  2. shutdown my lappy baby before I'm going to the toilet
  3. brush my teeth! its a must. if not I'll wake up with bleeding gums. hehe. i don't want to ruin this rp4.5million-metals in my mouth. (mane la tau kot-kot bangun pagi esok dah bekarat haha)
  4. plugged-off my lappy baby & same goes to the light! (as being said by a specialist who designed a sleep study in RS pers., when u go to bed make sure all the lights are off and no noise at all because it will help u to get the deep sleep which is good in making u feel fresh in the next morning)
  5. I'm on bed: lets pull out the pink blanket and again! type another text message to my beloved MJ wishing him goodnight and not to forget the routine of showing love to him! (how? i cant tell! ahaha)

goodnight everyone



the playground rocks!

tanaman beria nak jage but hygiene? who cares?pfft~

morning Jakarta!

  1. just went back from a morning jog and the weather was just nice (eventhough its like going to rain in few minutes from now)
  2. i am so happy that somebody-somebody from korea read my crap here haha (i mean it afiq. Opps! sorry for mentioning ur name here. there's always a new starts for everyone i guess)

  3. MJ will be home in taiping in the next 12 hours *yahoo*
  4. i was just finished doing some sort of quizzes on facebook and suprisingly the result was sooo not me hahaha *i got fans too wootwoot* (forget it if u dont know what i mean) hehe
  5. okay thats enuff on what i had this morning
    nak cerita about the playground!

well, takde la banyak sangat stuffs yang boleh di main but atleast i had fun! we jog from my house to the playgroud which located nearby the rawasari's market. then make a u turn sebab the playground was like across a river which does't even look like a river - the water was milky white in color (err more to a drainage ditch and full of rubbish). c'mon ppl lets save our planet, if not us then who else? STOP LITTERING into the river OKAY?! Gosh! susah sangat ke?dah la time earth hour that day macam takde any campaign or any other promotion of the thing. ish. the playground also not that clean i mean banyak gle rubbish (dorang ni buang sampah without feling anythinglah~ ye la suppposed nye mesti la rase guilty ke takut ke kne denda or somthing). thats the real thing that happend here. eventhough jakarta is one of the biggest city in the world (eh ye ke? tp famousla jugak kan?) but the public services is truely frustrating. huhu sorry to say im just being honest. pathway untuk walkers kat sideroad tu pun macam lubang-lubang and rosak! can u imagine if i slipped on one of those holes and fell down? sape yang susah? my housemates jugak! Duh!

see i told u

okay sambung cite playground tadi.thank you kak nisa for bringing the racket and shuttles along . that was sooo fun okayy! even though saye tak terror main hahaha! (well, i admit it at least haha) oh ya! there were 4 of us-kak nisa, anah, zaza & me. the best part was sape yang kalah jadi LOSER and proudly i am ahaha that is so unfair okay! mane bleh pakai net yang imagine2.pastu boderlines court pun main tembak-tembak je. referee dah la bias! hahaha sorry kak nisa darling! other than that saye juge busy camwhoring while playing badminton and we all continue to play, play & play sampai penat gila. okay lah let the pictures do the talking for me. nak mandi lah!


U: me being spider-girl kan? i know. L:the three of us

Pictures:the four of us..then were having breakfast at a stall beside the market after penat shopping . i took like 7 pieces of mini pukis (banyak? saye tahuu! T_T) and an orange juice. what a nice day^^

Ps, i ddnt get the mushroom cause it was finished already so dont have the feeling to cook any soup for this week.but i bought a packet of kuetiaw, bean curd, string beans, tempe, a carrot and few tomatoes. a whole week of fried noodle again! walla~
not happy :(

*adoi! mandi cken mandi*

okay bye!

Thursday, April 9

An old friend of mine

YOU: i just want to apologize. but i don't really know how
i hope u read this so that u know that i miss you & your stories & our friendship

when i was in form two i met this guy in irc. his was nice n caring n funny though. back then i live in hostel provided by the admin of my school even though my house just like 30mins walk from the school. so every time I'm on hols, were gonna chat through the irc then moving to the ym (yahoo messenger in case you dont know). every weekend (when i am allowed to go back) we will chat together changing stories from night until the dawn. he wud tell me about his life, what hes doing n ill tell mine too. when were getting bored we'll play some sort of games using the ym where he got to put on his mic n then making sounds of animals while me will guessing the name of the animal! hehehe that was me back then OK!

when I'm not home during the weekend i will definitely call him n we will talk on the phone not for hours but its enough to make me smile. he was really nice guy that love his family but sometimes a bit rebellious when things going out of his way. because i was in a control-school special for those who is uncontrollable, so he always thought that I'm the one who really smart n bla bla bla. i am not dear. now it proves it all, u are in Korea while me stuck in ..(well, u know where)! about u stdying in Korea I knew u can do it. u are a smart guy since we met through this media. u teach me lots of stuff about the internet about life.

okay lets continue..

when my PMR result is out, i am so happy where i got an OK result where my daddy gave me my first hand phone. he pass with flying colors too and he got an offer to this boarding school located in KL (oh! he lives in puchong earlier that i knew but the last time i heard about him, his family moves to Johore. i don't really know, I am sorry I'm not a good friend of yours right? that's why u keep yourself away from me. hmm sad).but then, starting from that moment our friendship begin to blown away. he went to this boarding school and getting busy with his curricular and so with his life. yep! yep! as time pass by we were too busy keeping in touch with each other. actually, i want to thanked you for being patient with me on every single night of mine that being accompanied by you. you are a very nice person that no one could replace (i do try to find one that suits me like u do but i failed). Don't you remember those times when we were playing on irc together? OMG how i miss u. I'm sorry because i didn't email to u my pics before but the conditions back then hmm i have several problems that i cant tell. I tried to buzz u on YM before but u didn't answer me.

honestly i do feel lost when you are not around anymore. all i heard about u was from my best friend (i bet you know who). I want you to know that i am not happy with this but i do missing those old times when u tell me stories about your live and your rebellions and not to forget your crush when you were in that boarding school. You are the one who teach me about technologies (hehe you know what i mean) thanks dude. perhaps, i would love to thanked you for the growing-up memories that i had when we were still friends. I don't know weather i am that not-so-important to you but you are something that i cant take away from my memories and i think its still not too late to congrats you for your SPM results that i heard from my bestfriend and goodluck with your study in Korea (even though i dont know what major u are taking there,how I wish i know). we haven't met but i do have plans to meet you before but in our conditions now i don't think that is necessary. Dear friend,

can we be like before again? because i miss our friendship

It might sounds like crap but this is something that i've been going through in my early teenage life. it not about love or crush or something but its just something that i do regret for being careless. My mistakes. Im sorry.

si comel

special post for the cute mizushima Hiro n those from hanazakarino kimitachie*Oh! im in love*
enjoy aje la*hehe*

cute right those guys? XD

Nanba Senpai, Ashiya, Sano, Nakatsu

Mizushima Hiro @Nanba Senpai~damn cute kan? kan? Oh! cupid fires me again!

i wish its me on the right~ hahahaha MJ ku *i love u*

he's married, and really in love with his wife (Ayaka) who suffered from Graves' disease (which the symptoms are: breathless n palpitations- somethings wrong with her heart i guess). he proposed her even he already knew that ayaka have the disease.
Oh! Isn't that sweet??

Wednesday, April 8

Nanba Senpai, Pulmo result, Chicken noodle blabla


  1. im just finished eating my chicken noodle (dis chicken noodle taste like noodle abg yg jual dpan rumah kite yg dulu tu la kawan-kawan. sedap! sedap!)
  2. Last week ive finally watched hanazakarino kimitachie the Japanese series n i knew that nanba minami loves me because i'm in love with u too darling~ (hahahhaahahahahaha maafkan daku mj) OMG he was drop dead gorgeous okay! (Pics-a scene from the Japanese series which was adapted from the manga series) Nanba senpai yang belakang tu ok~ cute kan?? saye tahu!
  3. last monday i went to Manggarai mall which located on the way to the Malaysian embassy (mall ni mmg frm 1st year lagi nak pg but asyik lalu aje tak pernah singgah, n eerytime lalu i was like "kite mesti pegi mall ni sebelum grad nnt guys".finally been there hehe) Ps, slekeh gile-still pakai baju kurung coz baru balik from embassy anta result Duh!
  4. my respi result finally out already n im pretty sure that im not happy with my result (whats wrong with the old style of making those exams q? the applicative forms of q must be susah gila than before la dol! Urgh! just let it end here fullstop.)

  5. just went home from school about 2 hrs ago n the weather looks great (macam nak hujan means malam ni sejuk walla~)

  6. Just went back from RS Persahabatan (Persahabatan Hosp-specialize in Pulmo) (Titi : thanks for ur chevrolet-ride)

  7. im in a short holidays starting tomorrow~yippieee! (because of Indonesia's national election wich is nothing to do with me hehe)

  8. And maybe this coming sunday ill be going to trisakti cheering for the UI's Badminton team (malas nak pergi at first but since transport n food disediakan..then i tought why not? kan? kan? haha)

  9. just a sipped of things that happen this week (err..its still in the middle of the week.who cares? its my blog anyway~)

Wednesday, April 1

From MJ to me on our 2nd anni

Posted on my friendster on 04/01/2009 8:34 pm


You changed my world with a blink of an eye
That is something that I can not deny
You put my soul from worst to best
That is why I treasure you my dearest ashikin

You just don't know what you have done for me
You even pushed me to the best that I can be
You really are an angel sent from above
To take care of me and shower with love

When I'm with you I will not cry even a single a tear
And your touch have chased away all of my fear
You have given me a life that I could live worthwhile
It is even better everytime you smile

It so magical those things you've made
To bring back my faith that almost fade
Now my life is a dream come true
It all began when I was loved by you

Now I have found what I am looking for
It's you and your love and nothing more
Co'z you have given me this feeling of contentment
In my life something I've never felt

I wish I could talk 'til the end of day
But now I'm running out of things to say
So I'll end b

Ps, i dont know where did he got this but all i want to say is thanks MJ for being there for me all this while when im lost when im broke n when im at the lowest point in my life.
happy 2nd anni to u sayang
sorry for being miles away from U
*i love u MJ*
hugs n kisses,