Wednesday, March 24

Nak mengada sikit

Ive been busy this week.
Hell busy yeah. studying your body immune system. Yes, mine too.
Definitely will doze off only after 5mins hearing lecture. Sumpah tak tipu!
Okay lah actually i nak mengada sikit buat announcement, i baru join this awesome
Tak tau awesome ke tak, bunyi macam awesome ja. 
Just wanna give it a try, later if its boring then it will be deactivated.!
Basically this website allows anyone/anybody to ask me questions. Sounds awesome kan?
So here my acct, feel free to ask me anything there :)


Ps, ada widget formspring kat sidebar. Excited nya aku. haish esok test la cken. Oh last last, dekat formspring profile memang takda lagi yang ask me questions. Why not you be the first one :)

Now lets get back to business.
Immunology and infection here i come.
I will miss you babyblog.

Sunday, March 14

Of Iphone and Blackberry

Right now I'll go for Blackberry auw. haha
Nothing much, just a quick update about my activities last week.
Okay, hari rabu ada jemputan dinner dengan Prof Rujhan Timbalan Pengarah Jabatan Pengajian Tnggi, he's so kecik. On friday i got exam, done with that and i baru je tengok result last sem, turun sikit lah 0.02. must work harder this sem. And tadi pergi  Monumen Nasional (mo-nas). Oh yeah Indonesian's sangat malas, they tend to short-short kan yang panjang-panjang, macam menteri kesehatan Men-Kes, Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi jadi JaBoDeTaBek. cool kan kan? (the De stands for apa, i forgot). I penat lah membebel, mulut cramp due to sunburn pergi monas tadi.So let the pictures do the talking :)

Till then

Sunday, March 7

Nine one one.

Either you stay and get hurt
Leave, and you'll regret

Sometimes, i hate choices.


Tuesday, March 2

The Razali goes ooh lala

Puas i fikir mana 2 budak ni dapat skin n bone ja. I mean where does all the lemak goes? we ate the same thing (masa childhood), born from the same awesome lady, goes to the same school. Oh why me yang paling gemuk? And their name ada 3 perkataan, but mine just two.  Oh oh I memang special, macam cerita ugly duckling, mana tau nanti boleh transform jadi megan fox, eh salah, i mean nanti boleh jadi Princess Odette, macam dalam cerita the swan lake. Okay cukup cukup.

This is Ashrin (Nur Ashrin Sofia A. Razali).

and this is Oni (Nur Fakihin Auni A. Razali).

Siap nama penuh tuu.  
Me? Ah ah, malu lah nak show off. wtf. ahahaha

Ps, I memang dah lama tahu the fact yang kami adik beradik muka tak sama. Time kecik sumpah serious tiga-tiga sama woh. But one thing we all inherit dari our parents, its the size of our teeth, its BIG!! tapi jaw kecik, boleh bayangkan tak? Yes, thanks mr and mrs Ahmad Razali, atleast ada yang boleh prove we all adik beradik kalau my colleagues tanya nanti. Pfft. 

PPs, Ohh, here some random pics of ashrin and friends during the gym competiton.

So, emi jangan lupa bawak banner besar-besar sokong adik aku eh? hahaha