Saturday, August 30

home sweet home

Omg. after all, we got the house we're searching for these past few days. its really a tiring process while meeting those strangers. at this moment, i am deadly exhausted after a night packing my stuf. goddamn tired!!. now its time to move on n have a new life at the new house i know its sounds cliche~ ahaha. its hard to find the right house here in jakarta and make sure that it's secure for us (there are 5 of us and we are all cewek). yaa, i miss my home so much in manjoi and meru. the house that i grew up was atok's which i lived for 8years. and back then in meru, my room, my toilet, my shower, my closet, my big bed and those pillows are the things i miss the most. it is now 3am suprisely time is running too fast i wanna hv a nice cold shower and a warm sleep while wake up the next big day with a fully charged energy. i hope so!

Thursday, August 28

i need $$ for lebaran. the new house here in jakarta.its not that expensive just in my budget..but still got prob..aiyoo. got permits to be renewd plus wanna buy flight tckets to go home for lebaran n theres none left for me to shop! how cud i live ths way? omg. but i shud thank to god bcause let me spend this two months in peace back then in malaysia..
mama i wanna go home.. huwaaaaa

i dun wana spent this comin lebaran here..sob sob